Microsoft Announces Office 2019 Commercial Preview for Mac Users

Microsoft Office 2019 Commercial Preview Now Available for Mac Users

Microsoft Announces Office 2019 Commercial Preview for Mac Users

A subset of users with the web version of Word will see the new Ribbon first. They are also introducing a new feature called "zero query search", when a user simply places the cursor in the search box, Microsoft will display recommendations powered by AI and the Microsoft Graph. Office 365 users will also be able to more easily search for commands, content, and colleagues.

Microsoft, of course, would prefer the masses of its customer base to actually move across to its Office 365 subscription package, but for those who haven't yet done that, or who choose not to for their own internal reasons, Microsoft offers a yearly update of Office that allows businesses to handle all of their productivity needs.

Second, Microsoft will incorporate new colors and icons.

The Office 2019 is supported over two latest versions of the macOS, and now the Office 2019 Commercial View program is open for participation by the users.

It starts with a simplified ribbon that's meant to help users focus on their work and collaborate naturally with others. Starting in July, it will be available in Outlook for Windows and Outlook for Mac in August. Nearly all these features are already available for Office 365 ProPlus users, but owners and users of stand-alone Office for Mac 2016 have been missing out on them.

Updates include the roaming pencil case and ribbon customizations across Office apps; focus mode in Word; Morph transitions, in-click sequence, and 4k video export in PowerPoint; new charts and functions in Excel; and focused inbox in Outlook.

Capping off the interface enhancements are new color schemes along with icons that will render better across various screen sizes and resolutions. Once Microsoft collects feedback from those users, it will roll out the changes to everyone else. You can see the new icons in the image above, and as with the simplified ribbon, we'll see these launch in Word for this month before arriving to Insiders using Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for Windows later in June. This experience is already available for Office 365 Commercial users in, SharePoint Online, and the Outlook mobile app, and it will start rolling out to commercial users of Outlook on the web in August. Microsoft will monitor the usage of these new features and will listen to feedback from users.

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