Microsoft continues investing in gaming with acquisitions, new Xbox consoles

Microsoft's Xbox E3 conference live stream set for 1 pm PDT; Gears of War, Halo 6 and maybe some fighting games en route?

Halo Infinite Announced by Microsoft!

Developer Playground Games are expected to announce the latest iteration of racing game for 2018. Last year, officials said they expected to deliver a game-streaming service within three years. The game, which was rumored in advance of the press conference, features the return of Master Chief and is rendered in a brand new graphics engine that 343 Industries is referring to as "Slipcase". The company did not give any information about the game beyond a teaser trailer, but the name would imply either a Fortnite-like battle royale style game or a persistent world.

As Polygon reports, away from games Microsoft made two significant announcements. In fact, we can't actually verify that Rare is working on this game, but we'd be shocked if that wasn't the case.

The future for the Xbox One, and Microsoft's gaming arm as a whole, hasn't been as bright as it is now after a massively successful.

Halo 6 is one of the most eagerly anticipated Xbox One exclusives on the horizon. Microsoft also is forming a new studio called The Initiative in Santa Monica, Calif., to be headed by industry veteran Darrell Gallagher.

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"I fundamentally believe we had better retail success with both of those games than if they weren't in Game Pass", he said.

There's been no fighting game specific cues as of yet and it's wholly possible that we won't see any directly FGC-related content in today's conference, but the well is deep and the possibilities are endless. If you've been constantly putting off an XBox One purchase, this could be the game to finally break you. And even though Microsoft has been scaling back its consumer-market presence, games continue to be a big driver in the mobile and PC markets.

The head of Xbox on Sunday said Microsoft is hard at work on a next-generation console along with a cloud service that would let players stream games to any device.

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