Outgoing Acting ICE Director Slams Dems For Calls To Abolish Agency

Outgoing Acting ICE Director Slams Dems For Calls To Abolish Agency

Outgoing Acting ICE Director Slams Dems For Calls To Abolish Agency

Seven people protesting in front of Portland's Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office have been arrested by federal police for failing to comply with officers' orders and blocking the building's entryways.

Officers moved in at sunrise and were able to unblock the entrance to the facility that had been closed for more than a week, said Rob Sperling, spokesman for Federal Protective Service, which is responsible for protecting federal buildings.

The majority of the protest camp, which sits on TriMet property, has remained largely untouched by law enforcement.

In Portland, the ICE facility had been shut down for eight days because of the protesters.

"They were blaring rock music all night, pulling all sorts of shenanigans in the windows, acting like frat boys, putting on masks", Jacob Bureros, an Occupy ICE PDX spokesperson, said. The US attorney for OR said it's illegal to obstruct entrances, lobbies, offices and parking lots of federal buildings, like the one in southwest Portland.

The agents recommend that Homeland Security dismiss the departments of ICE charged with deporting most undocumented immigrants and instead focus on their Homeland Security Investigations team, which fights cybercrime, drug smuggling and human trafficking. "It has become a deportation force". Detroit protesters say they had some success in hampering ICE operations when they blocked some employees from entering the building Monday morning.

The line of officers was met with some yelling from protesters, which included expletives.

"The involvement of PPB in this Federal attempt at a raid raises serious questions surrounding Portland's supposed dedication to immigrant rights, safety and security from state violence", they said.

Mayor Ted Wheeler said he wouldn't assist the federal government in clearing out the area, Ault reports.

"I have unwavering support for the protesters", Eudaly told OPB. "For now, I encourage everyone on the scene to document interactions as much as they can to hold DHS accountable".

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