Phil Murphy still waiting to sign New Jersey's sports betting bill

Phil Murphy still waiting to sign New Jersey’s sports betting bill

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In May, the Supreme Court voted to overturn the federal 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), in a move that will now enable states to individually legalise sports betting.

It was unclear Thursday evening when facilities in New Jersey, including Monmouth Park, would begin taking bets. The bill is just waiting to be signed into law my Governor Phil Murphy, who today said he won't sit on it for too long.

Drazin said the governor had not called him as of 9:40 p.m. Thursday. Shortly thereafter, the Senate took up the same bill and passed it in short order.

Fertitta owns the NBA's Houston Rockets, and would have been shut out of sports betting under previous versions of the bill. Governor Phil Murphy had not yet signed the bill, but a last-minute provision was made to allow wagers to be placed before Murphy officially signed off, as he is expected to.

The bill sets the legal betting age at 21, even though the age to bet on horse races in New Jersey is 18.

If Monmouth Park or any casino does begin accepting bets on games, it will be without state regulation until Murphy signs the bill.

The first full day after New Jersey legislators approved a bill to legalize sports betting began with no one actually offering it yet.

In other words, the commission put racetracks on notice that they're all required to have a vendor license and that any racetrack that accepts bets before the bill is signed into law will have to have those bets reviewed - which would delay their licenses.

PASPA granted an exception for Nevada, Oregon and DE, and further exempted New Jersey if the state enacted legislation within a year allowing sports gambling.

Organizers of the Global Gaming Expo say the trade show scheduled for October in Las Vegas will include panels addressing the complexities of the high court's decision and how sports betting works in regulated markets, such as Nevada and the United Kingdom.

The bill also clears away obstacles for any of Atlantic City's casinos to offer sports betting, adding clauses to allow the Borgata, Caesars, Harrah's, Bally's and the Golden Nugget to offer sports bets despite ownership or partial ownership of professional sports teams.

"We are grateful to the legislature for listening to our concerns and including the Golden Nugget in the sports betting legislation. While we recognize that today the legislation will prohibit us from accepting wagers exclusively on the National Basketball Association, we hope to persuade the lawmakers over time that the total National Basketball Association ban is unnecessary and should be limited simply to the Houston Rockets team owned by Mr. Fertitta". Right after the decision, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie summed up this logic when he stated, "New Jersey citizens wanted sports gambling and the federal government had no right to tell them no".

Yesterday, the NJ senate approved a regulation to allow casino and online sports gambling.

Despite the desire of Atlantic City casinos and state racetracks to begin taking bets Friday morning, it's uncertain when the Democratic governor will let them. States are now free to pass laws legalizing gambling. He previously voiced support for sports betting before the details of an actual bill were written.

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