Priyanka Chopra and ABC Apologize for Controversial ‘Quantico’ Episode About Indian Terrorists

Priyanka Chopra faces the flak for Hindu terror plot on 'Quantico'

ABC issues apology statement after Priyanka Chopras Quantico receives flak from Indians

"She has no involvement in the casting of the show or the story lines depicted in the series".

Priyanka Chopra has become a global star and has come a long way in her career, but she is still her Daddy's little girl.

TV network ABC also posted an apology for the episode earlier this week for the episode, and defended Priyanka who has received the brunt of the criticism.

Calling herself a "proud Indian", Chopra said she is "extremely saddened" and that hurting sentiments of people was never her intention. Quantico is a work of fiction, ' the statement went on. "It was certainly not our intention to offend anyone", it continued.

The episode's plot centered on a physics professor at a US university who steals weaponized uranium in a plot detonate a bomb in NY.

The episode of spy thriller Quantico showed Chopra's character, an Federal Bureau of Investigation agent named Alex Parrish, thwarting the plan and noticing one of the terrorists wearing a Hindu rosary.

The episode, called The Blood of Romeo, aired in the U.S. June 1 and in India June 6.

During her investigations, Parrish finds a religious Hindu symbol - a Rudraksh chain - on the neck of one of the suspects leading her to conclude that the plot was devised by Indian nationalists to frame Pakistan in a nuclear terror attack.

"I did a talk a year ago on Hollywood and Propaganda, specifically how Muslims are treated in film", she stated.

Quantico was cancelled last month before The Blood of Romeo aired, and only has eight episodes remaining in its third and final series.

The episode's aftermath led the "Quantico" actress, executive producers, and ABC to apologize.

There were many who felt that the outrage was misplaced since portraying Hindu nationalists in negative light wasn't same as branding the Hindu religion as the instigator of terrorism.

In a statement, ABC apologised for stepping into "a complex political issue" and defended Ms Chopra from the attacks online, clarifying she did not write, direct or cast the show, and nor does she have any input over plots.

Priyanka Chopra and ABC Apologize Over Controversial 'Quantico' Episode
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