Priyanka Chopra and ABC Apologize Over Controversial 'Quantico' Episode

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra

The agitators burned down the posters of Priyanka and sloganeered against the actress outside the Parliament Street Police station in the afternoon to protest against the Bollywood actress, who has also become an global star. It led to the network and the series producers apologizing to Indian fans who took exception to the characterizations.

Calling herself a "proud Indian", Chopra said she is "extremely saddened" and that hurting sentiments of people was never her intention. I sincerely apologize. I am a proud Indian, and that will never change'. "Adding to it, they further stated, 'Quantico" is a work of fiction.

In an episode called The Blood Of Romeo, aired on 1 June, it is initially thought that Pakistanis are planning a terror attack. In the episode "The Blood of Romeo", which aired on 1 June, weaponised uranium-235 is stolen from a university lab by a physics professor and is used to bomb a summit between India and Pakistan that is convening in NY.

Sharbari Zohra Ahmed, a former Quantico writer and a Bangladeshi-American, is being targeted even though she didn't write the episode and hasn't worked on the show since its first season.

Parrish later finds a religious Hindu symbol - a Rudraksh chain - on one of the suspect's necks, leading her to believe the plot was devised by Indian nationalists to make it look like an attack by Pakistan.

But recently she was criticized by Hindu hardliners for visiting Rohingya Muslims and ignoring persecuted Hindus during her visit to Bangladesh as a UNICEF goodwill ambassador.

"ABC Studios and the executive producers of Quantico would like to extend an apology to our audience who were offended by the most recent episode, 'The Blood of Romeo, '" the statement read.

A lot of fans who tuned in to watch the drama were offended by the way Quantico portrayed Indian terrorists.

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Priyanka Chopra and ABC Apologize for Controversial ‘Quantico’ Episode About Indian Terrorists