Salad Cream: Heinz 'considers Sandwich Cream re-brand'

Salad Cream to be named Sandwich Cream

Salad Cream is going to have a makeover

Forget Heathrow's third runway, the truly divisive issue of the week is Heinz's decision to rename Salad Cream as Sandwich Cream.

The research suggested it was more regularly used with sandwich fillings such as tuna, ham or cheese, and as such, "Sandwich Cream" would make more sense.

The condiment giants have revealed that people are using their Salad Cream for something other than salads.

The news could trouble some traditionalists who rallied to save the brand from extinction almost 20 years ago.

Salad Cream fans have been rocked to their very core this week by the news that the iconic brand could be changing its name to Sandwich Cream.

Salad Cream could be about to get a brand new look.

Parent group Kraft Heinz said it is working with brand design specialists Jones Knowles Ritchie on overhauling one of Britain's longest running kitchen staples, which launched in 1914. Its ingredients include vinegar, rapeseed oil, sugar, cornflour, mustard and egg yolks, giving it a little more kick than a traditional mayonnaise.

According to The Grocer, it is considering the name "Sandwich Cream" to represent its appeal to 'younger shoppers'.

The condiment became a national favourite during the 1940s, Heinz says, when ketchup was unavailable and salad cream was used to add flavour to bland war-time rations.

United Kingdom sales of the brand dipped 5.4 per cent to £28.8million a year ago.

Vince Cable might just call Salad Cream mayonnaise, but he would be wrong to do so, as there is a slight but important difference between the sauces.

There is now a consultation under way on the new name and an official announcement is expected in September.

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