Sea lice reported on Pensacola Beach in Florida

Sea lice reported on Pensacola Beach in Florida

Sea lice reported on Pensacola Beach in Florida

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, "swimmer's itch" or sea lice is not contagious.

Sea lice will leave you with red itchy bumps after a dip in our warm waters-especially during the summer months. And that's exactly what has been happening at some Northwest Florida beaches.

Once they get caught in your bathing suit, they can sting repeatedly while you're in the water.

On Tuesday, Pensacola Beach Lifeguards posted a warning on Facebook noting that there were purple flags along the beach to caution swimmers of the presence of sea lice.

Purple flags are used to alert beach-goers of the presence of risky aquatic life.

Florida's DoH says they can be prevalent from March through August at 250 miles of Florida beaches from the southern Atlantic up to the Panhandle. The condition usually appears between four and 24 hours after exposure, but some people may feel a "prickling" sensation while in the water. There are two types of sea lice: One that appears in fresh water; and the marine version, which is caused by larval jellyfish, the Florida Department of Health told Newsweek.

Some rashes are accompanied by a slew of other symptoms including diarrhea and vomiting. The organisms tend to get trapped between swimmers' bathing suits and skin where friction can cause their cells to "fire", or sting.

The larvae can become lodged between a person's bathing suit and skin, resulting in multiple stings.

Florida saw its worst sea lice outbreak in 1995, when an infestation spanned the state's waterfront from the Florida Keys to Jacksonville.

"Not to go above your knee length in the water", Kapatch said. There is also evidence that sunscreen can help protect the skin from stings.

If you're already experiencing symptoms, use an oral antihistamine to relieve itching.

Stings from the tiny jellyfish can cause a red rash.

According to the TV station, you should wash your swimsuit and dry it under high heat should you come in contact with the pests.

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