SNP's Hannah Bardell blasts 'farcical' House of Commons in PMQ walkout

The shameful actions of Theresa May’s government will not be forgotten in Scotland

SNP's Hannah Bardell blasts 'farcical' House of Commons in PMQ walkout

It is an absolute disgrace.

At the 2016 Scottish Parliament elections the SNP stood on a mandate of saying it could hold an independence referendum if there is a "material change in circumstances" for Scotland. Language is important and we shouldn't tolerate this behaviour in any workplace, let alone an elected parliament. In any organisation short of the morally bankrupt he'd have been suspended immediately.

That was the cue for Blackford to call for a vote in the House of Commons.

Liddell-Grainger later told Somerset Live that he had "made a remark about "political suicide" and that critics could "take their objections and stuff them". Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to stay in the European Union in a 2016 referendum, while Wales and England vote to leave. This included all 32 Scottish council areas.

The Brexit legislation is incredibly damaging to Scotland.

There was widespread anger among opposition MPs from Scotland on Tuesday when debate on amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill affecting devolution was squeezed to just 15 minutes, with only the government minister able to deliver a speech.

Many MPs walked out of the House of Commons in protest. Most policies will fall under the control of devolved parliaments, except for 24 areas.

Scots are unhappy that it is unclear when those powers - over agriculture, fisheries and food labelling - will be given back, potentially tying Holyrood's hands for years. The Conservatives have returned to where they were before in acting in a manner that is anti-Scottish.

The heated scenario occurred during lively talks about Brexit as Prime Minister Theresa May faced tough questioning from ministers over the EU Withdrawal Bill.

My SNP colleagues and I were treated to the same braying and disrespect that we receive on a continual basis.

He added the issue would "haunt the Scottish Tories for a generation". "The endgame is to make sure that the government recognise that they can't get away with what they're doing to the people of Scotland".

Blackford was repeatedly told to take his seat after he demanded a vote on the House sitting in private, after Theresa May refused to bring forward emergency legislation on her Brexit plans.

Mr Blackford demanded the House sit in private, and was ordered out of the chamber by the Speaker when he refused to sit down.

He did, followed by the rest of the SNP MPs.

"If it was simply disrespect to SNP MPs, that would be one thing". But Brexit has been causing heightened tensions across Britain. But while a majority of voters opted for Brexit, any suggestion (from pro-Brexit politicians or media outlets) that MPs should be silent and not stand up for their constituents if they voted against Brexit is thoroughly anti-democratic.

"I really do hope that the people of Scotland listened very carefully to what the PM said", he said.

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