Sony’s Shawn Layden comments on potential PS4 cross-play

Sony 'Confident' a Solution Will be Reached Regarding PS4 Cross-Play Backlash

Sony is "confident" it will develop cross-play solution

Now, Sony has finally acknowledged the deluge of complaints received from PS4 owners. But Layden's statement, vague as it is, remains the most concrete promise that Sony is looking into actually opening up its network in the future. It also indicates that the company is anxious PS4 console sales will be hurt by cross-play support, which is pathetic and greedy.

When asked about the issue and fallout by Eurogamer, Layden said: "We're hearing it. You can imagine that the circumstances around that affect a lot more than just one game", Layden said during the Gamelab conference in Spain. Other free PS4 games that you can download this July include the likes of Heavy Rain and Absolver.

At almost 80 million consoles sold, Sony is ahead of Microsoft's Xbox One and Nintendo Switch consoles by tens of millions of units. According to Karol Severin of MIDiA Research Sony is the current console leader. But public sentiment has shifted significantly in favor of cross-play. This contradicts the platform's efforts to feature cross-platform play with PC, Mac and iOS, only omitting its console competitors. Perhaps Sony believes that playing with people on other consoles devalues the reason to buy a PS4 (even if the primary reason people buy the PS4 is because of the excellent single player exclusives).

SonyFor every game sold on Sony's PlayStation Store, Sony takes a cut (~30% is the game industry average). In a video game climate where shared cultural experiences are becoming more and more important, the idea of siloed consoles feels like a relic - a reality that both Microsoft and Nintendo have recognised. "It seems to be Sony's not listening". It seems disingenuous for Sony to block Xbox One and Switch access on that basis. At some point, Sony may get exhausted of the conversation about its consoles and games getting constantly derailed by this one persistent issue. I know I'd be hesitant to use the next PlayStation as my primary console if it means not being able to play with friends on other platforms.

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