Terry Crews turns down The Expendables 4 due to producer threats

50 Cent and Terry Crews

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50 Cent posted - and later deleted - photos of Crews on Instagram Tuesday that showed the "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" star shirtless, the Daily Beast reported.

In the caption, 50 wrote, "LOL What the f- is going on out here man?" "Terry: 'l froze in fear.' They would have had to take me to jail ..."

Regarding "Expendables 4", Crews claims a producer got in contact with his manager and asked Crews to stay quiet about his claims of alleged assault - or "there would be trouble".

- destiney bleu (@destineybleu) June 26, 2018 As someone who was a fan of 50 cent since I was a kid, I'm disgusted at his ignorance and insensitive response to Terry Crew's sexual assault story. "The reaction to Terry Crews and people laughing along with 50 Cent is alarming, this includes people like @UncleRush", the user wrote. A video from TMZ has since emerged, showing Crews responding to 50 Cent's disparaging comments about sexual assault.

During his testimony Tuesday, Crews addressed the dangers of "toxic masculinity" in culture, saying he was "told over and over that this was not abuse, that this was just a joke, that this was just horseplay". The actor said in his opening statement, "This past year we have seen powerful men in Hollywood and elsewhere finally held accountable for sexual assault. He better apologize to Terry Crews, and people that found what he said amusing are just as stupid".

He also got real about the added complications of being a black man in America. I've seen many, many black men who were provoked into violence", Crews said, "And they are in prison and/or they were killed. "Don't be violent.' And she trained me.", he continued, "I'll be honest with you, it was the strength of my wife that trained me and told me that if this situation happens, let's leave". Crews continued, "I proved that size doesn't matter when it comes to sexual assault".

The Sexual Assault Survivor's Bill of Rights focuses on various measures that would make taking legal action against abusers easier for victims. "A lot of people believe a person like me can't be victimized, but what happened to me has happened to many, many others".

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