Trans Mountain seeks stricter injunction at terminals in British Columbia

Canada to Buy Kinder Morgan Oil Pipeline in Bid to Save Project - Details

Trudeau costs us for his energy-sector failings

An Indigenous man raises his drum above his head during a protest against the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion in Vancouver on May 29, 2018.

A British Columbia Supreme Court judge said that those protesting the pipeline have made a deliberate effort to blockade two of the Burnaby work sites.

Unfortunately, given that the federal government seemed reticent to exert its authority in the pipeline dispute, it isn't clear that it will ascribe these powers to its Crown corporation.

The club notes the future of this pipeline and tankers project is not exclusively up to the federal government: the rights of First Nations have been recognized by the Canadian courts, the Canadian constitution and the United Nations. Kinder Morgan Canada has a 1 year low of C$14.93 and a 1 year high of C$20.00. The Texas-based pipeline company structured deals in such a way that it couldn't lose, even if the project stalled. Canada became less competitive this week, and Canadians paid for it.

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley also spoke with Trudeau on Tuesday, confirming her support for the pipeline expansion.

"Indeed, we question Kinder Morgan Inc.'s willingness to retain Kinder Morgan Canada longer term as it only contributes about two per cent of EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) and has reduced growth prospects".

"Kinder Morgan wins", Brian Kessens, managing director investment firm Tortoise, which holds shares in Kinder Morgan Inc., told Reuters.

Kinder Morgan agreed, hailing the payout from Canada.

He said the company will have a "profitable piece of pipe" if it can complete the expansion.

Kinder Morgan Canada says the expansion project originated in response to requests from oil shippers to help them reach new markets by expanding the capacity of North America's only pipeline with access to the West Coast.

"Only Liberals would dump $4.5 billion on a 65-year-old pipeline and call that an energy strategy". "We will not stand down no matter who buys this ill-fated and exorbitantly priced pipeline".

But it wasn't just First Nations and environmentalists.

The purchase price, financed by government-owned Export Development Canada, does not include the labor and materials costs of the Trans Mountain expansion, which carries an earlier price tag of C$7.4 billion.

The protests against Kinder Morgan are fully understandable.

Considering the political and legal challenges, the Trudeau government is taking a big risk and that means they certainly have an incentive to deliver a project on time and on budget, said Speers.

"This is Canadian taxpayer money". "We don't want to find ourselves in this situation again".

He's right on that account. It didn't specify how it would spend the proceeds of the sale but did say it plans to continue to invest in Canada. Western Canada Select (WCS), a benchmark that tracks heavy oil in Canada, has traded at a significant discount to WTI (which, in turn, has seen its discount widen relative to Brent).

Protesters said the announcement made the week a hard one, but many said they are still optimistic.

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