Trudeau expresses support for North Korea efforts, won't engage on Trump's comments

Trump aide apologizes for'inappropriate comments on Trudeau

Trudeau expresses support for North Korea efforts, won't engage on Trump's comments

U.S. President Donald Trump answers questions during a news conference Tuesday following his historic meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore.

Navarro said at a Wall Street Journal event that the heated comments he made Sunday were "inappropriate" and a "mistake", according to several news outlets. In fact, Kudlow suggested in his appearance on CNN that Trump's anger at Trudeau is an act for an audience of one: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

The escalating clash cast a shadow over the Trump's nuclear talks with Kim and led critics to question why the president was bashing USA partners while appearing to cozy up to one of Washington's bitterest long-time foes.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel described Mr Trump's change of heart on the joint communiqué as "sobering and a little depressing".

Kudlow said the US participated in G7 talks and bilateral talks on NAFTA in good faith and that Trump had been "charming". "These guys just pulled away and punched Canada in the face, and I think it was a line crossed and a bridge too far", Heyman said.

"I would rather [Canada] continue this great relationship here, but unfortunately our president is being incredibly disruptive and forcing you to rethink those relationships going forward", he said. "I know it was reported sort of nasty both ways - I was angry at her, or she".

U.S. President Donald Trump's tweet storm after the G7 summit prompted support for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau from some prominent conservatives.

The U.S. -Canada spat escalated when at a news conference, Trudeau said Canada would take retaliatory measures next month in response to Trump's decision to slap tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Canada, Mexico and the European Union. "He learned", Trump said wagging his finger.

"POTUS is not going to let a Canadian prime minister push him around", Kudlow said. Not fair to the PEOPLE of America!

"Sorry, we can not let our friends, or enemies, take advantage of us on trade any more".

Among the many topics that came up was Trump's recent Twitter campaign against Trudeau, whom he has called "dishonest" and "weak".

But Gregg Doud, the chief agricultural negotiator in the Office of the United States Trade Representative, told Reuters on Thursday that the USA has "very serious concerns about the subsidies and the structure of Canada's dairy industry".

And it concludes with a direct shot at Trump, calling on the House to "reject disparaging and ad hominem statements by USA officials which do a disservice to bilateral relations and work against efforts to resolve this trade dispute".

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