Trump hits EU, Canada, Mexico with steel tariffs

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GETTYHua Chunying is urging the United States to keep its promise

"We had discussions with the European Commission and while we made some progress, they also did not get to the point where it was warranted either to continue the temporary exemption or have a permanent exemption", Ross said.

EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom called it a "bad day for world trade".

Still, Trudeau moved ahead with retaliatory tariffs against the us on products ranging from metals to mayonnaise.

"We will not accept this highly regrettable decision without reacting", he said. Trump, Trudeau, and several other world leaders are scheduled to meet next week in Canada at the G-7 meeting. "That Canada could be considered a national security threat to the United States is inconceivable".

Last week, The Trump administration announced an investigation into whether automobile imports are hurting USA national security, laying the groundwork for another trade fight.

On Friday, Trump demanded Canada "open their markets and take down their trade barriers".

"It would be a great pity if we ended up in a tit-for-tat trade dispute with our closest allies". "Our steel and aluminium industries are hugely important to the United Kingdom, but they also contribute to USA industry including in defence projects which bolster U.S. national security".

European Union leaders promised to retaliate with tariffs on USA goods.

Trump followed up Friday morning with a tweet saying Canada had treated USA farmers poorly.

"This particular action on steel and aluminum is not about unfair trade practices". European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker also said the EU would respond with penalties of its own on US exports. "Do timber and lumber in USA?"

Meanwhile, negotiations with Canada and Mexico to revise the North American Free Trade Agreement were "taking longer than we had hoped" and there was no "precise date" for concluding them, so their exemption also would be removed, Ross told reporters.

Although the USA has said the tariffs are being applied for national security reasons, the economy secretary argued that steel and aluminum are integral supplies in highly integrated strategic sectors of the North American economy, such as the automotive, aerospace, electric and electronic industries.

Friction in Whistler could telegraph what may be an even tenser meeting when the leaders of the G7, including Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, hold talks next week in Quebec.

"Americans remain our partners, friends, and allies", Trudeau said.

Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland says Canada plans to levy tariff "countermeasures" of its own on up to $16.6 billion worth of imports of steel, aluminum and other products from the U.S.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the tariffs "totally unacceptable" and an affront to an ally that has fought alongside American forces for decades.

The measures, which target pork legs, apples, grapes and cheese as well as steel and other products, will be in place until the USA government eliminates its tariffs, Mexico's economy ministry said.

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