Uber's artificial intelligence system to detect when passenger is drunk

Uber will know if you’re drunk before you even get into the car

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To be precise, the patent application explains how Uber can identify user's unusual behavior with algorithm tools and smartphone interaction measurements.

Uber's patent also says it could, potentially, use the technology to deny rides to users based on their current state, or perhaps match them with other drivers with relevant skills or training. Sources told CNN that the AI will track unusual behavior on the passengers' smartphones, based on their location, inaccuracies in data input, typing speed, the angle at which the smartphone is being held, and users' walking speed.

At least that's according to a patent application spotted by CNN with the title "predicting user state using machine learning".

It could then detect if you're using the app in an irregular way, and whether you're drunk.

For Uber drivers, dealing with drunk passengers is a drawback of the job. If implemented as planned, users may soon be too drunk to drive and too drunk to Uber.

For many city-dwellers, ride-hailing service Uber is a lifeline after a night out, when public transport is out of service or simply unappealing.

By knowing this information, a driver may be warned of their passenger's state - even before they pick them up.

"It could lead to the possibility of some drivers avoiding drunk passengers and in the worst cases 'drunk hunting".

Uber is preparing to patent a system that will be recognized as potential passengers. However it seems that Uber could be trying to take the guesswork out of the equation.

It is unclear how riders will access Uber's VR system - whether or not they will have to don a used headset is unknown.

Uber driver Dave Carpenter knows the tell tale signs of an intoxicated passenger.

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