Warriors GM Myers will give Durant new deal he wants

James Chan holds his daughter Sage while escaping from the heat in downtown Oakland

James Chan holds his daughter Sage while escaping from the heat in downtown Oakland

OAKLAND, Calif. - Kevin Durant, the back-to-back NBA Finals MVP, told ESPN on Friday that he could see himself walking away from the game at 35 years of age, five seasons from now.

With his team having gone 1-8 against Golden State over the past two Finals, after having dethroned its nemesis in 2016, James was asked what the biggest difference was between then and now. It felt to me like the whole year we were just trying to get to the playoffs and that's not a very healthy way to do it, but we didn't have much choice.

It's fair to say that even though former teammates Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook have been "broken up" for a while now, there's no love lost between the pair. Nothing to me was that shocking, but we went through some stuff.

"Getting younger is an important factor for us", Warriors coach Steve Kerr said Monday. West could retire and the Warriors could let the rest walk, or a few might come back for another year on a minimum-value contract.

But signing older guys - whether that be ones who were on the team this past year or a new batch of ring chasers - is still something the Warriors need to do this offseason.

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Durant could sign for as long as four years and about $160 million, and Myers is prepared to give him "whatever he wants".

"There wasn't anything emotionally that was bothering us, it was more we gotta figure this out strategically and I think we did".

Since Durant signed a one-plus-one deal last summer, he will decline his second-year option and therefore become an unrestricted free agent this summer. "He did us a great service", Myers said.

Kevin Durant already said he'd be re-signing with the Warriors sometime this summer, but even with that vow in hand, the National Basketball Association champions are prepared to give him whatever he wants. "You just have to be fluid and understand that there's going to be a lot of different variables". "I know they're going to view it as a ideal career no matter what".

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