Ancient Egyptian sarcophagus opened in Alexandria, Middle East News & Top Stories

Ancient Egyptian sarcophagus opened in Alexandria, Middle East News & Top Stories

Two weeks ago, archaeologists working in the ancient city of Alexandria in northern Egypt, discovered a giant lack granite tomb measures nearly 10ft long.

Buckle up, everyone - Egyptian authorities finally opened up the mysterious black sarcophagus on Thursday that was unearthed at the beginning of July.

"We found the bones of three people, in what looks like a family burial".

The discovery was made in a residential area of the Egyptian city, Alexandria.

The date estimate, the presence of the head and the unusually large size of the sarcophagus led some to speculate that the tomb might hold Alexander the Great's missing remains.

Instead of an apocalyptic event, authorities found three decomposed mummies fermenting in what appeared to be sewage water.

A report in National Geographic reads: "One of the two archaeologists believes that, since Alexandria wasn't even founded until the fourth century BC, the massive sarcophagus may have been brought to the city empty, from an earlier, dynastic-period site down the Nile-such as Memphis-and then re-used to bury someone in later years".

In this regard, he denied the rumors spread by some global newspapers that opening the sarcophagus would unleash the curse that would bring disaster to the world. Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Mostafa Waziri, dismissed claims of dooming the world by releasing whatever spirit was trapped in the tomb: "The sarcophagus has been opened, but we have not been hit by a curse".

The unmarked tomb in Alexandria did not likely belong to any other notable ruler in the Ptolemaic period (332 BC-30 BC) associated with Alexander the Great, or the subsequent Roman era, Waziri said.

Here is a video footage showing a man pouring red-colored liquid found inside the tomb after taking samples to be analyzed by the archaeological team assigned to assigned to supervise the opening of the mysterious sarcophagus.

"I was the first to put my whole head inside the sarcophagus, and here I stand before you - I am fine".

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