Billy Dee Williams Confirmed To Return For 'Star Wars: Episode IX'

BREAKING Billy Dee Williams Returning as Lando for Star Wars Episode IX

Billy Dee Williams Confirmed To Return For 'Star Wars: Episode IX'

Sources confirm to The Hollywood Reporter that Williams will indeed be returning to the Star Wars big screen for the first time since 1983s Return of the Jedi. Thanks to the secrecy surrounding the Star Wars franchise we have no idea what Lando will be up to when we catch up with him in Episode IX, but at the very, very least we expect a lot more space capes. Those rumors only gained speed when Williams bowed out of an upcoming sci-fi and pop culture convention later this summer, citing a "conflict with a movie schedule".

The latest film in the Star Wars franchise may have had Han Solo's name in the title, but it was the charming smuggler Lando Calrissian (Donald Glover) who stole the show. Williams has also provided his voice to the role in various cartoon series and video games in recent years.

Rumors suggesting Williams would be returning as Lando for Episode IX began circulating over the last couple months, kickstarted by the 81-year old actor revealing his new workout regiment and diet at MegaCon Orlando.

"To be a part of this family and to be able to play young Lando, a hero of mine, you know, it's the stuff dreams are made of, so I feel really blessed", he added. It's not scheduled to head to the theaters until December 2019, though, so we'll have to wait quite a while to see Williams as the suave gambler again. Keri Russell is one of the new additions to the cast.

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