Chrissy Teigen slams Trump over Elizabeth Warren, #MeToo comments

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Friday hit back at President Donald Trump for the comments he made at his campaign rally on Thursday about her heritage and the #MeToo movement. The Hill noted recently that Warren "was questioned during an appearance on NBC's "Meet the Press" about an editorial in a MA newspaper, 'Warren must resolve debate on heritage, ' which said a DNA test would 'permanently resolve the issue'".

"If you want to protect your families and your community, then you have no choice", Trump said. I'll use tonight. Pocahontas, I apologize to you. "And I said, 'You know, Angela, I can't guarantee it, but we're protecting you and it means a lot more to you than protecting us 'cause I don't know how much protection we get by protecting you". "To the fake Pocahontas, I won't apologize".

Trump then joked with the crowd and told them to keep his offer a secret until the debates.

"I'm going to get one of those little kits and in the middle of the debate, when she proclaims she's of Indian heritage - because her mother said she has high cheekbones, that's her only evidence", Trump said.

The #MeToo movement is dedicated to exposing rampant sexual misconduct and sexual harassment across multiple industries, which has taken down multiple high-profile figures since it began.

Warren took to her Twitter account on June 5 to take the spotlight off her years of unproven claims that she has Indian blood in her family and instead tried to shine a light of the so-called "separation of children" policy Donald Trump has continued from previous presidents.

However, Warren has steadily refused challenges to take a DNA test to confirm what many people doubt.

One day, though? "More than anything else, I just don't feel that pressure and that rush", Kennedy said.

In all, the cases of almost 3,000 children who were separated from their parents by the Trump administration's cruel family separation practice are now being reviewed by the government.

"Maybe you should focus on fixing the lives you're destroying", she tweeted.

Trump also talked tough about upcoming meetings in Europe with members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation military alliance and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Donald Trump mocked the #MeToo campaign against sexual assault and took aim at two of his most vocal Democratic opponents, Elizabeth Warren and Maxine Waters, during his latest U.S. midterm election rally. I'm so honored that people would even throw my name out there for consideration.

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