Cornwall woman accidentally steals car from Walmart parking lot

It turns out the auto she thought was her rental was actually a 2015 black Infiniti QX50, a hatchback - which was obviously not the sedan she had originally rented. It was only when she complained about the vehicle's unkempt interior as well as the fact there was a set of golf clubs inside the auto that things became a little clearer.

"For the next two weeks, the woman drove around and used the black vehicle for her regular everyday activities", seemingly oblivious to the fact that the auto she was driving was not the same one that she had rented, the police said.

A woman in Cornwall went for a bit of an accidental joy ride after confusing another man's auto for her rental.

Apparently, the Infiniti owner had left his key fob in the auto, so the door opened and she was able to start it. After convincing her that the vehicle was not the one she had taken from the lot, they worked to trace her steps over the past two weeks. After getting the auto, she stopped off at a nearby Walmart to shop, before returning to the parking lot, hopping in a black vehicle and driving home.

Two weeks later, when the woman tried to return that very same vehicle, the manager clued in. MacRae says the owner of the Infiniti had left his key fob in the vehicle, and left the doors unlocked. The keys the woman had returned belonged to an Infiniti vehicle, not the Nissan she had rented.

It was the manager at the auto rental company who finally pieced together what had happened. There were papers in the glove box and cigarette butts in the ashtray, and even a set of golf clubs in the trunk. Since the rental vehicle used the same system she was none the wiser to the mixup and drove off on her merry way.

She wouldn't listen when the manager informed her they weren't renting this model of vehicle. They even tried to explain that the model she was trying to return wasn't on file but she apparently did not want to hear it.

MacKay said he has been an officer for 11 years and has never experienced anything like this, but is glad that it had a happy ending.

The manager and the woman, who police say was a "wee bit embarrassed" by this point, contacted police.

The Infiniti's owner reported his SUV stolen and not long after showed up to the same Enterprise to rent a loaner to replace it temporarily.

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