Del Monte Recalls Vegetable Trays After 212 Get Infected By Parasites

Great variety of vegetables exposed on the green iron grid. They are divided into portions in trays and packed with plastic. You can see carrots tomatoes mushrooms zucchini green bean scarlet eggplant red peppers greens and yellows aubergine onio

Del Monte Recalls Vegetable Trays After 212 Get Infected By Parasites

"If Del Monte believes that my clients should've washed these pre-packaged vegetables they bought at Kwik Trip, I think the customers should know that".

Anyone who ate anything from any of the recalled vegetable and dip trays and developed symptoms of Cyclospora infection should seek medical attention and tell their doctors abut the potential exposure to the parasite.

Two hundred twelve people have been infected with an intestinal parasite in four upper Midwest states after reportedly eating pre-packed vegetable trays under the Del Monte Fresh Produce brand, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Two cases were from vegetables bought in another state but consumed in MI.

The recall on vegetable trays sold at Kwik Trip and other location on June 15 has impacted consumers in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

The recalled trays has affected people in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and MI.

The earliest reported symptoms in this outbreak began on May 14 and those who are ill range in age from 13 to 79 years old. As many as 54 cases have also been reported in Minnesota, along with a handful in Iowa and MI.

Cyclospora can cause an intestinal illness called cyclosporiasis, which has symptoms including diarrhea, loss of appetite, weigh loss and stomach cramps.

The recalled products have a "Best If Enjoyed By" date of June 17, 2018.

FDA has not identified which of the ingredients is the vehicle for this outbreak; each component of these vegetable trays is under consideration.

These symptoms may not necessarily persist the entire time a person remains infected with cyclosporiasis, and may seem to go away and then return one or more times, as a patient may relapse.

If left untreated, the illness may last anywhere from a few days to a month, or longer.

The investigation is ongoing and the CDC will provide updates when more information is available.

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