Democrats Demands Hearings Into Trump-Putin Helsinki Summit "Immediately"

US senators push sanctions to send Putin election meddling warning

Undaunted by the backlash in his own party to his first meeting Trump invited Putin to a White House meeting sometime this autumn

At a festival appearance in New York City's Central Park, Hillary Clinton spoke against President Trump's apparent reluctance to accept intelligence showing that Russian Federation interfered in the 2016 presidential election.

Trump stunned observers when, during a press conference after the Helsinki summit, he refused to denounce Putin, declined to hold Russian Federation accountable for its interference in the 2016 election, and suggested the Federal Bureau of Investigation was part of a conspiracy to underine his election victory.

Here, we don't know what went on. "It was not a good moment, but it was what it was. So just to repeat it, I said the word "would" instead of 'wouldn't.'" Asked by Stephanopoulos whether Rice thinks Trump is "compromised by Russian Federation", she said she doesn't "know what his motivations are". "But Putin uses disinformation & the law to silence his critics or chase them out of the country as you know well". "Carter Page is one of these guys; we never would have heard of him before all this", Rubio said. "No matter what you are, Democrat or Republican, we wouldn't want any country in the world involved in trying to influence the outcome of our elections or the direction of our elections". I'll give you credit for that Mr. President, but it's not working.

Rubio said he looks at policies, which matter more than rhetoric. "I have a different view on it", Rubio told CNN moderator Jake Tapper. "I'm glad that he cleaned that up because it left, if you watched that video, it leaves the impression that my intelligence community says one thing, Putin says another, I'm siding with Putin, and that was a bad impression to leave behind". "It's certainly better than the impression that had been left after Helsinki". The White House later clarified Trump's remarks, claiming the president misspoke.

"I do think it unusual. I just think it's important that any conversation we have with Vladimir Putin is with the person who he really is", the senator told "Face the Nation".

Putin mentioned these weapons during an address in March, saying, "I want to tell all those who have fueled the arms race over the last 15 years, sought to win unilateral advantages over Russian Federation, introduced unlawful sanctions aimed to contain our country's development: You have failed to contain Russian Federation".

"They've got a lot of nuclear weapons, and so we do need to interact with them".

Many Americans were aghast that Trump, who has an insulting nickname for almost every one of his political opponents, did not confront Putin over Moscow's interference in the 2016 USA elections, and even cast doubt on the findings of his own intelligence agencies. What did the President agree to?

"They did not spy on the campaign from anything and everything that I have seen", Rubio said.

"My people came to me - [U.S. Director of National Intelligence] Dan Coats came to me and some others - and they said they think it's Russian Federation".

Responding to the revelation, Mr Coats said: "Say that again".

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