European Union steps up efforts to prepare for Brexit 'disruption'

Describing the government’s approach as “a total and complete mess” Tony Blair stated that the only way out was to hold another referendum on the issue

European Union steps up efforts to prepare for Brexit 'disruption'

Brexit elevated May to the prime minister's chair and it will also very likely be her downfall.

Johnson, who was the figurehead of the Vote Leave campaign, warned the government not to "make the fatal mistake of underestimating the intelligence of the public", who he claimed would understand that the deal the prime minister is proposing is "Brexit in name only". Britons should be "great independent actors" on the world stage, not "rule takers", he said.

Yesterday Boris Johnson launched an excoriating attack on the PM's "dithering" Brexit strategy in his first Commons speech since quitting.

That was why the European Union needed a "people's Brexit, not a bureaucrats' Brexit", where the economic prosperity of citizens was placed about the "abstract ideology of the Brussels bureaucrats", he said.

And he urged Mrs May to return to the "glorious vision" of Brexit she set out in a speech back in January past year.

"Brexit continues to mean Brexit", May said to cheers from her Conservative supporters.

May's plans for exiting the European Union were narrowly approved by the House of Commons in a series of votes this week, but only after she bowed to Brexit hardliners led by Jacob Rees-Mogg to salvage her program. "Those questions will have to be answered in the coming days and weeks", said German Europe Minister Michael Roth.

In one of the most tumultuous periods in recent British political history, there have been four major votes in the past four years: the Scottish independence referendum of 2014, the 2015 United Kingdom election, the Brexit referendum of 2016 and the snap election called by May last year.

John Major who lost power in 1997 after years of Conservative dissent over Europe also backs a second poll and said positions were more “entrenched” today

Shouts rang out across the Commons.

Ms. May has insisted that her plan is a practical approach to Brexit and that the country will be able to sign trade deals.

Steve Baker, a senior lawmaker who served as a deputy to Mr Davis in the Brexit ministry before resigning with his boss, said May had presided over a "cloak and dagger" plot to undermine Brexit.

The session offered a mirror on a party deeply split and a government just scraping by to stay in office.

It's understood Andrea Ledsom said it betrays the result of the European Union referendum. It said that it objected to the amendment because it requires the government to take "all necessary steps" to join, while the government wants to join only if it can negotiate reasonable terms.

The IMF also says the Netherlands, Denmark and Belgium would face harsher negative economic effects compared with countries such as Finland and Italy, which are less close economically to the UK. In this context we need to recall that all commitments undertaken so far must be respected in full. At stake are tens of thousands of jobs, or more.

"We have made a lot of progress in our withdrawal agreement, particularly regarding citizens' rights", and on the implementation period.

Though the general election is scheduled for 2022, with such deep divisions in the Conservative party May could be left with no choice but to call an early election.

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