Federal Bureau of Investigation arrests suspect in July 4 terror plot in Cleveland

FBI Suspect faces terrorism charges for planning July 4 attack in Cleveland

FBI Suspect faces terrorism charges for planning July 4 attack in Cleveland

A man who repeatedly said he wanted to be part of a foreign terrorist organization conducted reconnaissance in downtown Cleveland in recent days, planning to pack a van with explosives in a July 4 attack, FOX 8 reported Monday.

FBI Agent Vicki Anderson said on Monday, July 2, that the 48-year-old Pitts was arrested over the weekend.

Mr Pitts, a USA citizen, had allegedly been looking for locations in Cleveland at which to plant explosives last week.

Mr Herman also said Mr Pitts had talked about "giving remote control cars packed with explosives to children of military members".

"He expressed a willingness to conduct a USA based attack and also his desire in wanting to join a foreign terror organization", Anthony said.

Tobin said that Pitts seemed to view himself as a scouting agent who would not detonate the bombs himself, but rather find the location that would do maximum damage.

"His Facebook posts were, quite frankly, disturbing".

A radicalized OH man has been arrested for allegedly planning a terror attack during Cleveland's Fourth of July parade, authorities said Monday.

The posts called for Muslims to train in hand-to-hand combat and in the use of arms and explosives, Mr Anthony said.

He was arrested Sunday after meeting an undercover agent and charged with attempted support of a terrorist organization.

During one of his last contacts with undercover Federal Bureau of Investigation agents, Pitts was tricked into returning a cell phone that was supposedly a gift from his "al-Qaeda brothers".

Anthony also told a news conference that the man was "willing to chop off hands and heads". He surveilled Voinovich Park and the U.S. Coast Guard Station in Cleveland.

Pitts reportedly has a previous criminal record that includes charges of domestic violence, aggravated robbery, and carrying a concealed weapon.

Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams said the public should still contact officials if they notice anything suspicious during the July 4 holiday.

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