Florida man shot, killed during parking spot dispute

28-year-old Markeis Mc Glockton was shot and killed in a dispute over a parking spot in Clearwater Fla. Thursday. The sheriff who investigated said the shooter was justiifed un the state's

Florida man shot, killed during parking spot dispute

A Florida man who shot another man following an altercation over a handicapped parking spot won't be facing charges due to the state's Stand Your Ground law.

So she sent McGlockton and their 5-year-old into a Circle A in Clearwater, Fla., for snacks and drinks while she rested in the parked auto - or at least tried to. Moments later, the driver's boyfriend, Markeis McGlockton walks out of the store, right up to Drejka, and shoves him to the ground. As you can see in there, there is a pause, even if it's only for a couple seconds, there is a pause between the time Drejka hits the ground and he shoots. Drejka fell to the ground, drew his gun, and shot McGlockton once in the chest.

McGlockton, 28, died a short time later, leaving his family to bury him and the rest of Pinellas County to grapple with the legality of his killer's actions. The Sheriff's Department is not pressing charges against Drejka because of Florida's Stand Your Ground law. "It comes and goes, but he knows [his father] is dead". It's messed up. Markeis is a good man ...

The case, which has sparked growing criticism on social media, will instead be sent to the state attorney's office for further review, said Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri during a news conference on Friday. 'And it hurts so bad'. "It's a wrongful death", she said.

The couple had been together since 2009 after meeting at Dunedin High School, Jacobs said.

"He's getting out like he's a police officer or something, and he's approaching me", she said. The certified nursing assistant told the newspaper she parked in the handicap spot because the parking lot was packed. She told the man she'd move the auto as soon as her boyfriend came out of the Circle A Food Store, but Drejka wouldn't "let up". "I minded my own business I didnt do anything wrong".

The Florida law stirred controversy in particular when it was successfully invoked in the shooting of Trayvon Martin. A couple of months back, Rick Kelly stopped by the store, parking his tanker truck in the same handicap spot.

A representative from the state attorney's office did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Saturday.

"The immunity under the stand your ground law is not just an immunity from being charged, not just an immunity from being convicted, but is an immunity from arrest..."

Gualtieri said only the details surrounding Thursdays incident are relevant when assessing the "stand your ground" claim.

"Its a repeat. It happened to me the first time".

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