Google Slammed With Massive Fine

Trump takes to Twitter to slam EU for Google fine

Google Slammed With Massive Fine

According to a report in tech news website CNET: "The EU frequently takes tech companies to task over issues such as taxes, antitrust issues and privacy, but Trump is interpreting this particular fine as a slight against the U.S.".

In its ruling, the European Union said Google broke the rules by requiring cellphone makers to take a bundle of Google apps if they wanted any at all.

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Android is an open-source operating system that Google lets cell-phone makers use for free.

"Google has used Android as a vehicle to cement the dominance of its search engine", Margrethe Vestager, Europe's top antitrust official, said in a statement. The search giant has 90 days to change its practices or face penalty payments of up to five percent of the worldwide average daily revenue of its parent company, Alphabet. He explains that while Android has always been made available to phone makers and mobile network operators without charge, Google has invested billions of dollars over the last decade to make Android what it is today.

In this case, the European Union wants Google to stop requiring smartphone manufacturers to preinstall its Chrome browser and to make Google's search engine the default.

In a blog posting, CEO Sunder Pichai claimed that the Android business model enabled a wider choice of devices and different brands. This means Google's latest services only reach a fraction of Android users. Apple doesn't do that; you can, for example, install Google's Chrome browser and Google Maps on an iPhone, but they won't launch by default when you click on a link in an email or another app.

It also said Google broke the law by forcing manufacturers that took its apps to commit to not selling devices that use altered versions of Android. Vestager added by saying that the commission has chose to find the Google about 4.34 billion euros for breaching European Union antitrust rules.

Google's deals with manufacturers give it an incredible amount of access to user data.

Daniel Castro of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, a Washington think tank, said Google's strategy tries to "limit fragmentation across Android devices" so as to attract application makers and protect the reputation of the brand.

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