Heat warning extended until Sunday evening as scorching temperatures persist

NAM model predicts a heat index of 100 Sunday at 2 p.m

NAM model predicts a heat index of 100 Sunday at 2 p.m

The National Weather Service in Chicago has issued an Excessive Heat Warning, which is in effect from 11 a.m. CDT Friday until 7 p.m. CDT Saturday.

The National Weather Service has stated hat the heat index in Chicago is expected to reach 115 degrees on Saturday.

Several counties in the Triangle were under a heat advisory for much of Saturday because the high temperature in the mid-90s will feel much hotter when you factor in the humidity.

A heat wave is coming to the region this weekend, with sunny weather and temperatures in the 90s expected to linger through most of next week.

The nearest cooling center may be found by calling 311, or visiting the city's "Beat the Heat" website.

A unsafe heat wave will have more than half of the country sweltering over the Fourth of July holiday. Monday is expected to see the searing heat and high humidity continue, with temperatures again nearing 100 in New York's capital of Albany. With winds that won't be that strong, it may cool down a bit near Lake Michigan as the day progresses.

Numerous major cities in the Midwest and Northeast - from Chicago to Washington, D.C. - began a heat wave on Friday.

The thermometer readings are in the 90s across the Midwest, but as any dog knows, when you add in the humidity it actually feels like 105 or even 110 degrees.

TAKE IT EASY: If you can and avoid being outside during the middle of the day!

Muscle cramping is usually the first sign of heat-related illnesses (heat exhaustion or heat stroke). Victims of this illness should be moved to a cool place, be cooled using any method available such as ice packs, cool wet cloths or by applying water to the body, and sip on water. Call 911 if they refuse water, vomit or begin to lose consciousness. If you plan on spending time outdoors, such as at the beach, pool or ballpark, should keep in mind to use sunscreen.

- Wear clothing that is lightweight, light-colored and loose-fitting.

Heat stroke is a medical emergency and warrants calling 911, according to officials.

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