Hot weather to last through the Fourth of July

Hot weather to last through the Fourth of July

Hot weather to last through the Fourth of July

Newark has an expected heat index of 105, while Trenton will feel like 106 when temperatures peak around 3 p.m. Monday. High humidity will make it feel like the triple digits! When it does get to 90 degrees this afternoon, it will be the 5th consecutive day of 90 plus degree heat here in CT, and we're not quite done with the heat yet. Some of the storms may be a little strong, with locally heavy rains.

For Wednesday, the 4 of July, we expect more of the same: heat and humidity, but an even lesser chance for an isolated storm.

Scattered showers and thunderstorms will be more widespread Thursday as a cold front approaches Northeast Ohio. With heat indexes topping out around 110 at times, there's certainly been no reason to spend too much time outside.

"The biggest heat will be away from the ocean, in the low 90s, maybe the mid-90s up around Lawrence and Lowell", Simpson said. This week the upper-level ridge that would normally keep storm chances limited will weaken just enough to allow a disturbance in the Gulf to bring in higher storm chances.

Meteorologist Nick Greenalalt said while temperatures were high Friday, it was not quite as humid.

The National Weather Service has issued an EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNING for most of the north country due to these hot temperatures. There have been several 8-day heat waves in Boston over the past approximately 140 years. Slightly cooler weather is forecast for Monday, but temperatures are expected to remain close to or above 90 through the Fourth of July and possibly into next weekend. The highest heat index values are expected from late morning into the early evening. Both Saturday and Sunday will be sunny with a slight drop in humidity. Today's high heat prompted the first widespread heat warning since August 2016.

Relief will continue over the weekend with sunshine on Saturday and Sunday and highs in the 80s from Friday on.

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