Iran's Supreme Leader Warns of Closing Strait of Hormuz

Rouhani to Trump ‘War with Iran is mother of all wars

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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Sunday cautioned U.S. President Donald Trump about pursuing hostile policies against Tehran, saying "America should know. war with Iran is the mother of all wars", but he did not rule out peace between the two countries, either.

Iran's power is deterrent and we have no fight or war with anybody but the enemies must understand well that war with Iran is the mother of all wars and peace with Iran is the mother of all peace.

"We don't give in to threats but stand up to bullying", he stressed.

"We have been the guarantor of the regional waterway's security throughout history".

Rouhani warned the United States not to go down that path.

"You are not in a position to incite the Iranian nation against Iran's security and interests", Rouhani said, in an apparent reference to reported efforts by Washington to destabilise Iran's government.

Originally Trump demanded all other countries to stop buying its crude by November but now he says the United States may grant waivers to some allies heavily particularly reliant on Iranian supplies.

The president said these moves can provide a great opportunity to show the real nature of the US government.

The president continued, "At no other time it was as easy to explain to the world how much the White House's policies are anti-Muslim and racist".

Ali Vaez, the director of Iran Project at the International Crisis Group (ICG), says Pompeo's outreach effort is "an exercise in futility".

Among Iranian-Americans attending is Mariam Memarsadeghi, the co-founder of Tavaana E-learning Institute for Iranian Civil Society, who tells RFE/RL she's "deeply appreciative of a USA strategy that puts maximum pressure on [Iran's Supreme Leader Ali] Khamenei to fundamentally alter the regime's behavior". "We see eye to eye that the United States move [to withdraw from the deal] is illegal, against worldwide obligations and to the detriment of the United States and all countries", Rouhani said.

"The Trump administration has launched an offensive of speeches and online communications meant to foment unrest and help pressure Iran to end its nuclear program and its support of militant groups", Reuters reported, citing anonymous USA officials familiar with the effort. Pointing to a controversial law Israel passed on Thursday that defines the country as the "nation-state" of the Jewish people, he asked, "Is there any doubt that Israel is a model of apartheid in the region?" He made it clear that Tehran will not buckle under the economic pressure from Washington.

"This is also the case with the [United Arab] Emirates and Bahrain, and under the new circumstances, we are seeking to reform our relations with these countries", he added.

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