Justice Department Releases FISA Documents on Carter Page

President Donald Trump gestures while speaking during his meeting with members of his cabinet in Cabinet Room of the White House in Washington Wednesday

Justice Department Releases FISA Documents on Carter Page

In an unprecedented and unusually timed document dump Saturday night, the Justice Department released a 412-page, partially redacted version of the FBI's 2016 FISA application requesting authorization to wiretap former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser Carter Page.

Sen. Marco Rubio said newly released documents that show how the Department of Justice got authorization to monitor former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page were justified.

The FBI has produced a list of damning accusations against Page that include meeting with two Russian officials as part of his supposed "coordination" with Moscow. "The FBI believes Page has been the subject of a targeted recruitment by the Russian government".

The FBI believed Carter Page was "collaborating and conspiring with the Russian government" at that time.

"For more than a year, House Republicans have bullied the Department of Justice and FBI to release highly sensitive documents to derail the Special Counsel's and other legitimate national security investigations and cover for the President", House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said in a statement. "The Rigged Witch Hunt, headed by the 13 Angry Democrats (and now 4 more have been added, one who worked directly for Obama W.H.), seems intent on damaging the Republican Party's chances in the November Election" President Trump tweeted. There is redacted line followed by "undermine and influence the outcome of the 2016 US presidential election in violation of USA criminal law".

He blamed Mr Trump for making public House Republicans' initial memo about the FISA applications, a move by Mr Trump that the congressman called "nakedly political and self-interested, and created to to [sic] interfere with the Special Counsel's investigation". It marked the first time the government has released applications seeking wiretaps of an American under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. The warrant also described Page secretly meeting with Igor Nikolayevich Divyekin, who allegedly discussed giving compromising material on Hillary Clinton to the Trump campaign.

"No, I've never been an agent of a foreign power by any stretch of the imagination", he said.

"Now we can see that the footnote disclosing Steele's possible bias takes up more than a full page in the applications, so there is literally no way the FISA Court could have missed it", he said. "An illegal Scam!" Trump's follow up tweet on Sunday morning said.

According to the documents, "the Federal Bureau of Investigation believes that the Russian government's efforts are being co-ordinated with Page and perhaps other individuals associated with" Mr Trump's presidential campaign.

Congratulations to @JudicialWatch and @TomFitton on being successful in getting the Carter Page FISA documents.

"And: "[Page] has established relationships with Russian government officials, including Russian intelligence officers".

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