Kylie Jenner says daughter Stormi has the 'cutest' personality

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Read Kylie Jenner Is Already Thinking About Stormi's"Epic First Birthday Party

"It is physically, mentally and emotionally a challenge", Jenner said of her pregnancy, quickly adding, "It's also a lovely thing and it was such a great pregnancy and birth and, like, I'm so happy". "And honestly, I'm finding I have to change my style a little because nothing in my closet fits me from before". Although she's happy to give updates on the little one, the 20-year-old reality TV star has made a decision to stop posting photographs of Stormi's face on social media after she started receiving kidnap threats and nasty comments online about her baby girl.

Kylie Jenner kept most of her pregnancy to herself.

Since her sisters already covered the magical, mystical creature, Kylie admits that she must now go back to the drawing board and "think of something else".

Mama's got jokes! Kylie Jenner might take her job as a new mom seriously, but that doesn't mean she's lost her sense of humor. Babies faces change a lot in their first few years of life so her little girl will probably need more time growing before her parents can determine who she more closely resembles.

Now, Kylie is revealing some interesting points about her pregnancy.

Kylie told fans, 'She has the most flawless lips in the entire world.

"I was 15 and I was insecure about my lips".

The "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star first admitted to having lip fillers back in 2015, and speculation about her lips has run rampant ever since. I really wanted bigger lips. And just for my health-I want to do this.

Someone else commented: 'A baby was inside her?

The reality TV star added, "The one thing I was insure about she has". I want to make mistakes. "I feel like I have fake abs right now; its just like genetics", she explained.

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