LeBron James reveals he 'regrets' naming his son after himself

LeBron James Lakers

LeBron James reveals why he joined Lakers in free agency

Count Kevin Durant among the folks who love LeBron James' move to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Not only did they add the game's best player, the Lakers secured a long-term commitment from James as he inked a four-year deal. "I thought it was the ideal decision, flawless move. I am happy to be a part of the culture and us getting back to that point".

LeBron James in action during an National Basketball Association game.

It is times like these where you have to feel bad for the kids of celebrity parents.

In footage from James's new show which was shared on social media, USA comedian Jon Stewart asks the sports star about his family and how he reassures his children, especially LeBron James Jr - better known as Bronny - over expectations to live up to his success. "I'm going to do everything that this man didn't do". "I know these kids basically more than they know themselves". He's kind of breaking down the barriers of what an National Basketball Association superstar is supposed to be. I've always felt like that was one of the historic franchises. I think he did a good job of giving different chapters.

Despite sharing the same locker room with LeBron James for only half a season, Cleveland Cavaliers forward Larry Nance Jr. was able to get the full treatment, in terms of being under the microscope as LeBron's teammate.

The writing of his next chapter in Los Angeles will begin very soon, but founding a place to help kids from his hometown dream about a better future is a fitting end - and beginning at the same time - to his OH story.

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