LeBron James Was Reportedly Consulted on the Lakers' Free Agency Moves

Getty Images  Gregory Shamus

Getty Images Gregory Shamus

Rondo is viewed as one of the smartest players in the game and that should see him be a good fit alongside James.

As it turns out, James has been consulted on the signings and been kept in the loop, according to ESPN. Nearly completely devoid of consistent shooters, save Brandon Ingram, LeBron may have his work cut out for him keeping his ridiculous eight straight finals appearances going.

"If anything, that's going to make him look, maybe more, toward the Clippers because this is a guy that won Finals MVP against LeBron James".

It's no coincidence that this glamorous, 16-time champion franchise has consistently attracted already great players with outsized ambition. And let's not forget that LeBron's presence will most assuredly reap benefits for the Lakers in the future as there will be other illustrious free agent talents who will be wooed by the King's siren call.

Philadelphia was one of the rumored destinations favored to snag James. Ever since he left the Heat, James' teams have played exactly how he's wanted them to as he seemingly exerted control of every aspect of the Cavaliers' style. He may be more patient with Walton than some of the other coaches that have lost their jobs with him on the roster.

That may sound fine to James right now, but it might not be so easy in the season if there are growing pains and players aren't performing to his expectations.

Nevertheless, the landscape has shifted drastically with LeBron to LA as the top three spots in the West next season are virtually locked up before a game has even been played with Golden State, Houston and now Los Angeles as the conference's premier powers. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Lance Stephenson, JaVale McGee, and Rajon Rondo have all joined the squad by way of one-year deals to be the supplemental veteran cast around LeBron and, for now, the rest of the Lakers' young core.

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