Light is working on a smartphone with a 9 camera lens system

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Light is working on a 9 camera lens smartphone that could launch this year. In this

If you think Huawei's decision to place three cameras on the back of its P20 Pro smartphone is overkill, you might be amused to hear one company is reportedly working on a handset with a whopping nine rear-facing lenses. The multi-lens system is able to achieve good performance even with low-light conditions and it can apply depth effects thanks to several different sensors included.

Reportedly, it plans to announce such a phone by 2018 end.

Light says its new smartphone could launch this year, but it will likely be very expensive. The objective of the second lens for these smartphones is to help with zooming and to measure the depth of field, giving users the ability to create blurred backgrounds during the shot. For those who don't know, Light is the company behind the 16-lens Light L16 camera.

The camera is already some way towards being a smartphone as it runs Android and boasts built-in Wi-Fi. While these prototype smartphones have a fewer number of lenses - and will thus likely be less expensive than the L16 - you probably won't be buying one of these future Light smartphones for less than a grand. Utilizing multiple lenses, this piece of equipment puts the power of capturing breath taking photographs back in the hands of an everyday camera user by pushing the boundaries of camera technology past anything we may have seen before.

In case having one camera on your smartphone is not satisfactory, this company is bringing you a phone equipped with five to nine cameras.

How many cameras is too many cameras? Then, that information is stitched together by an algorithm to create a high-resolution image that could theoretically rival a photo captured on a DSLR camera. And these features are what we expect to see in the upcoming smartphone with 9 cameras.

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