Man Filmed Accosting Woman In Puerto Rico Shirt Charged With Hate Crime

The flag of Puerto Rico flies outside the island's Capitol building in San Juan

Man Filmed Accosting Woman In Puerto Rico Shirt Charged With Hate Crime

An Illinois police officer who drew criticism after he was caught on video appearing to ignore a woman's pleas for help as a man harassed her about a Puerto Rican flag shirt resigned his position late Wednesday, officials said.

Trybus was later charged with assault and disorderly conduct.

A video went viral of 24-year-old Mia Irizarry being harassed at a park in Cook County, Illinois earlier this week.

The woman complained that a man at Caldwell Woods in the Cook County Forest Preserves was questioning her citizenship and telling her she shouldn't be wearing the shirt. Trybus is then seen asking her if she's an American saying, "Are you a citizen?"

"You should not be wearing that in the United States of America".

"Officer, officer, I feel highly uncomfortable", Irizarry tells Connor, who does not appear to respond to her as he is addressed, and can be seen turning his back and walking toward his police auto.

Later she says: "Officer, I feel entirely uncomfortable, can you remove ... please officer" as the officer is seen walking away from her.

Officer Patrick Connor was supposed to have a sit down with his bosses about the incident, but instead he quit on July 11, The Chicago-Sun Times reported. "He basically got in my face, damn near nearly touched me", Irizarry is heard saying to the camera during the incident.

"Is there anything you can do?" she said.

Ms Irizarry calls on a nearby park police officer for help.

More officers arrived and arrested the man.

Irizzary then tries to plead with policeman again, saying: 'Officer, I paid for a permit for this area, I do not feel comfortable here, is there anything you can do?' "Are you a United States citizen?"

The female officer then speaks with Irizarry, who gives her version of the incident, and the officer explains they were called to the area after a report a man was choking a woman. "You know that, right?" As of Thursday morning, the video had be seen 1.5 million times.

"You are not going to change us, you know that, right?"

The appalling incident of June 14 and the inaction of one former member of the Forest Preserves Police should not diminish the greatness of the Preserves, nor dissuade people from enjoying our 70,000 acres of nature and beauty.

Irizarry (pictured) posted a Facebook Live video as the man, who was drunk, repeatedly came up to her and yelled 'Why is she wearing that s**t?' "I am appalled, shocked & disturbed by the officer's behavior", Rossello's tweet reads. I was new and I was dressed somewhat casually because we were just returning from a Puerto Rican celebration and my daughter was carrying a Puerto Rican flag.

Quick aside and history lesson: Puerto Ricans are indeed USA citizens.

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