Meghan Markle radiates in summery yellow dress for outing with Prince Harry

Prince William

SWNSPrince William will be in Scotland at the same time as his grandmother the Queen

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex arrived at London's Marlborough House hand-in-hand for the Your Commonwealth Youth Challenge reception.

The sleeveless frock was by designer Brandon Maxwell who has served as Lady Gaga's fashion director!

"We all had a great day, I think", she said.

Meanwhile, it's also been suggested the only reason Harry and Meghan didn't hold hand at their latest engagement was because The Queen was in attendance.

Beauty-wise The Duchess took a pared-back approach, wearing her hair in a neat bun, no signature loose tendrils framing her face to be seen and minimal make-up. Are you a fan of the young royal couple?

The official event marks the end of the Commonwealth Secretariat's youth leadership workshop, which brings together newly-elected members of the Commonwealth Youth Council Executive and leaders of the Commonwealth Youth networks.

"We can't wait to see you in action in your home countries and learn about what you're doing to better the Commonwealth, and the world, in 2040 and beyond".

As for the photo, Meghan avoiding eye-contact with the camera and her being sat between Harry's legs demonstrates the start of their unconventional marriage and draws stark comparison between the more traditional portraits of the same kind.

Meghan then joined The Queen for a series of engagements in Cheshire, marking her first engagements with Her Majesty and first engagements without Harry.

"Meghan Markle strikes me as someone who is very attentive and someone who has a lot of empathy for others", she said in an email.

Her confidence has translated into her new role as a royal as seen in her and Harry's behavior just days after their wedding at Prince Charles' 70th birthday party.

A viral Twitter video from Meghan's June visit to Chester seems to show that the Duchess of Sussex has picked up a slight British accent and lilt.

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