Meghan Markle's half-sister demands $1,500 for interview about the Duchess

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle's half-sister demands $1,500 for interview about the Duchess

While promoting Predator with co-stars Sterling K. Brown and Keegan-Michael Key at 2018 Comic-Con in San Diego on Thursday (July 19), the 38-year-old actress revealed that the film's writer-director, Shane Black, actually has ties to Meghan.

The widely-covered family drama between Meghan and Samantha may be one of the reasons why she was considered for the show.

When the reporter brought up the fact that her housemates would obviously ask her about Meghan, Samantha simply smiled and said "Oh...".

Yahoo readers had a lot to say about the Duchess's alleged attitude toward her new role. "I think the fact that he has continually spoken, he is not respecting her wish that he just stays quiet, [and that] has probably upset her more than anything else and possibly made a reconciliation from Meghan's point of view nearly impossible now", said Nicholl.

The estranged half-sister to Meghan Markle has become a staple of United Kingdom morning shows, giving somewhat regular interviews on Good Morning Britain and Loose Women, all about her famous sister.

As you may recall, before the royal wedding in May, her estranged dad was seen out and about with picture books to appear to be learning about Britain, and he was also seen buying British tea because why not? "The royal family has had more than their fair share of scandals. I don't even believe they have spoken on the phone since the day of the royal wedding".

Meghan Markle's half-sister demands $1,500 for interview about the Duchess

Ever since Meghan became a darling of the news media due to her relationship-turned-marriage to Prince Harry, Samantha has been thorn in her sister's side, slamming Meghan to just about any media outlet that will listen.

She recently wore a black suit for her visit to Dublin with Prince Harry, paired with black stilettos.

"She seemed very relaxed and was joking and laughing", said Moore. "There's a rod of steel that runs through Meghan".

"I think Meghan's strategy is to ride out the storm", Nicholl concluded.

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