Mexico leftist vows no tolerance on corruption after historic win

Leftist outsider Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has convincingly won Mexico's presidential election, exit polls show, setting the stage for a government that will inherit tense relations with Washington and the scrutiny of nervous investors.

According to Mexico's National Election Institute (INE), Lopez Obrador was leading polls with 53% of the vote. Ricardo Anaya of the centre-right PAN was a distant second at 22.6% and Jose Antonio Meade of the centre-left ruling PRI party at 15.6%.

President TrumpDonald John TrumpTrump congratulates Mexico's new president: "I look very much forward to working with him" Comedian who allegedly prank-called Trump says he has hired Michael Avenatti Ex-Trump aide pushes for Hope Hicks as chief of staff: Trump will "listen to women more than men" MORE on Sunday night congratulated the victor of Mexico's presidential election, a left-wing populist who has vowed to take a tougher stance against the US president.

"Peace and tranquility are the fruit of justice", Lopez Obrador said as he pledged "a plan of reconciliation and peace for Mexico". He's promised to govern as a pragmatist and says he won't nationalize companies, or quit Nafta.

Polls have opened in Mexico's presidential and local elections, and front-running candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is among the first to line up at his polling place in Mexico City. Lopez Obrador rode to victory on a wave of widespread anger over graft and violence.

"There is a lot of inequality, a lot of violence in this country", said Lopez Obrador voter Hugo Carlos, 73.

Seeking support from economic nationalists, leftist liberals and social conservatives, Mr Lopez Obrador has been vague on policy details.

In the wake of the migration crisis on the US-Mexico border, Amlo has vowed that "anyone who migrates from Mexico will do so because they want to, not because they have to". Mexico's benchmark stock index closed at a more than eight-week high last week.

Lopez Obrador has promised to stop corruption in Mexico's government.

Both Moody's and Fitch Ratings said any adjustments of the country's risk profiles and debt ratings would depend on how Lopez Obrador's policies are ultimately implemented.

It is also the first time that Mexicans living overseas can vote for down ballot races like senators.

Pena Nieto, whose approval ratings stood at only about 20 per cent, was limited by the constitution to a single term.

US President Donald Trump congratulated AMLO in a tweet, saying he looked forward to working with him. The current NAFTA talks began previous year after Trump called for the agreement to be renegotiated to better serve USA interests.

"The fundamental problem is that this country has a huge demand for drugs", she said. "There is much to be done that will benefit both the United States and Mexico!"

Lopez Obrador said he would "seek to establish an authentic democracy and we do not intend to establish a dictatorship". "It is thanks to us young people who are supporting him that he was able to get more votes than he did in past elections".

The new leader told Televisa he will respect the current team of negotiators and let them continue representing Mexico until he takes office on December 1.

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