Microsoft Rewards app is now available for everyone on Xbox One

Xbox One rolls out FastStart feature to speed up downloads

Xbox One's fast-loading feature rolls out today

According to Microsoft, games that utilize the feature will half the amount of time it takes from when a download begins to the moment you're actually able to play it. This allows you to hop into a game more quickly after downloading only a portion of the full title.

Anyone who has already purchased Darwin Project via Xbox Game Preview will be gifted a Founder's Pack, which features in-game cosmetic items including two legendary sets that each contain a shirt, pants, armour, helmet and boots ensemble, three legendary axes, three legendary bows, a jumpsuit collection and 10 fan gifts. The feature works by prioritizing the download of critical game files to let you start playing as fast as possible.

"You can also assign custom names to each Group, organize and order them, and add individual Groups to Home", Hyrb wrote.

Microsoft has launched its Rewards app for Xbox One, which was previously in testing for certain Xbox Insiders, and it's available for you to check and see how many rewards you've accumulated, what you can spend the points on, and a way for you to join the program if you've not yet done so.

Today we're having a peek at the insides of the July Xbox Update, and what it means to partake in its greatness. Additionally, the update provides more robust search options; pressing the Y button while you're on the dashboard will bring up the search menu. "Second, we've added multi-touch support for touch-enabled devices". Mixer now supports full screen broadcasting and the quality of your broadcasts has also been improved. This allows multiple controls to be used at the same time! When you switch to this mode, game audio is muted automatically. While in this mode game audio is muted, making it flawless for talking to your audience while switching from game to game or setting up before you start playing.

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