Microsoft Store Lists August Release Date for Shenmue I & II

Shenmue 3

Microsoft Store Lists August Release Date for Shenmue I & II

The Microsoft Store has listed Shenmue I & II for an August 21 release.

The announcement from SEGA comes very shortly after a listing from Microsoft let the release date slip a bit early, but now that SEGA has made an official announcement, it appears we won't have to wait long at all until the collection is in our hands this summer. You'll be able to choose between classic or modern controls, they have scalable screen resolution, and for the first time in the USA, you can play with Japanese audio.

According to Sega's FAQ, the re-release of Shenmue II will be based on the Xbox rather than the Dreamcast version for "technical reasons".

These remasters mark the first time either Shenmue 1 or Shenmue 2 will arrive on any modern console.

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In news that will please Lewis, formerly of this parish, Shenmue I & II will launch both physically and digitally on PS4 and Xbox One on August 21st, and both games will also be available on Steam on the same date.

Never mind Shenmue III, for years even the prospect of a remaster of the original games has seemed impossible. First announced back in April of this year, the Shenmue HD collection promises to give both longtime fans and newcomers the best way to experience the beloved franchise before the release of the highly anticipated third act.

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