Mods still aren’t planned for ‘Skyrim’ on Nintendo Switch

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Bethesda Surprised By Fallout Shelter Success On Nintendo Switch, Says Mods Aren’t In Works For Skyrim

The primary reasoning behind a lack of action over mod support for Skyrim Switch is that the team Bethesda has put in charge of Switch development is focusing on other projects, primarily Fallout Shelter.

Pushed to answer directly if mods were coming, Howard didn't rule it out, but also didn't make it sound like we could expect them any time soon, if at all.

"We are not actively doing that", he said.

In his talk at Gamelab, Howard admitted that 'Skyrim Switch has a big community that we haven't supported the way we'd like'. This includes in Fallout 76. Howard clarified that they would love to eventually see mods on the Switch, but now, that's not something the company is actively doing. Not necessarily. asked Bethesda executive producer Todd Howard whether online multiplayer was the future of the studio, and he largely shot the notion down. The studio doubled down on its Nintendo support when it released Fallout Shelter on the Switch during the E3 expo last month.

"They [the Switch Skyrim community] asked for mods", he said to Eurogamer, "they asked for Creation Club - 'When are we getting more stuff?'" "People, they're on other things".

Skyrim on Switch arrived last November - Skyrim having been one of games which originally sold the Switch vision to the world (despite not actually being confirmed for Switch release back then).

So there you go, if you want The Elder Scrolls VI to be on the shelves quicker stop buying Skyrim on every device you own.

"We are not actively doing that", Howard said. Nonetheless, when it finally did arrive, Skyrim fit Switch as we'd hoped, and the ability to play on trains and planes and the toilet, was delightful.

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