National Football League veteran ‘Pacman’ Jones assaulted at Atlanta airport

Man Attacks Adam

Man Attacks Adam"Pacman Jones at Atlanta Airport Ends Up in Hospital

Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones was attacked by an employee at the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, according to TMZ.

Per TMZ, the employee-Frank Ragin-apparently made a gesture at Jones while the National Football League star was walking through the airport with a female companion, which sparked the altercation.

The Bengals star calls out Ragin, who according to police, went after Jones and initiated the physical altercation.

Jones then retaliated to Ragin's thrown punch to defend himself and it was all caught on tape.

In video of the incident obtained by TMZ, Ragin seems to make contact first. The closed-fist strike caused a laceration on Jones' face.

During the fight, cops say Ragin also hit Pacman's female companion - injuring her hand.

Police eventually determined Ragin was the primary aggressor. Both Jones and his friend reportedly declined medical treatment.

Jones has been arrested repeatedly throughout his career, including a 2007 shooting at a Las Vegas strip club and a domestic violence charge in 2008 for allegedly striking a woman. Jones received a one year suspended prison sentence for his role in the altercation. After missing just two games over the past five years, Jones played just nine games last season due to a groin injury which landed him on injured reserve. In January of 2017, Jones was arrested after Cincinnati police say he assaulted a security guard in front of the Millennium Hotel.

This is not the first time the National Football League star made headlines off the field.

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