Neil Armstrong's private collection goes to auction

Neil Armstrong

Image Credit Associated Press

All these coveted items will soon be up for sale in a series of auctions that starts this November and will carry on next year as well when the sales are scheduled for May and November.

Armstrong, whose proclamation that he had taken "one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind" became one of the of the most iconic phrases of the 20th century, died in OH in 2012, aged 82. Now, the flag, part of the personal collection of Armstrong, who died in 2012, will be offered for sale in a series of auctions handled by Dallas-based Heritage Auctions.

The Apollo 11 mission launched four days prior to its landing, from the Kennedy Space Center at 9.32am (Eastern Daylight Time [EDT]), with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin aboard the rocket that would make history.

Other items that went to the moon with Armstrong include a US flag, the largest size typically flown during Apollo missions; a United Nations flag; various state flags; and some Robbins Medallions.

Especially valuable lot will be a gold coin from the collection of astronaut.

Armstrong's son Mark says he hopes that seeing the items and remembering them will help people realize the importance of continuing to explore space.

"There will be flown products, autographed products and products of historic significance". Mark and his brother Rick, discovered that there were some things for restoration, and some things needed to be researched for proper identification.

"Space is one of the very, very few categories that every single person seems to be interested in", Rohan said.

The two have collaborated with a firm to document the artifacts' authenticity and provenance. In addition they will be sold to silver coins, which were released in memory of the space program "Apollo".

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