Netflix to Replace User Reviews With Up or Down Votes

Bad news for anyone who still used Netflix as a hub for writing all of their movie-related opinions. And I doubt that a significant portion of the desktop Netflix users ever utilized those reviews as a tool to decide whether or not to watch a particular piece of media.

This comes after the streaming service nixed its five-star rating system past year and replaced it with the more accurate thumbs up, thumbs down feature which was not only easier to understand, but also delivered more accurate recommendations.

Prior to the change, users were able to review any movie or TV show the service had to offer, with any reviews between 80 and 1,999 characters being allowed. Reviews for individual shows and movies didn't appear in any of Netflix's apps, but users could rate programs on the Netflix website and then add written comments.

Netflix is discontinuing the online review feature that has only been available through the desktop version of the site.

From July 30, subscribers will no longer be able to post feedback in written form. Following that, existing user reviews will remain up on the sit until the middle of August, after which they will be removed completely. The company said that in testing, it saw a 200 percent increase in ratings activity when using thumbs.

According to Cnet, Netflix sent an email to those who still write reviews, explaining that: "We have notified members who have used the feature recently". Sure, Netflix does its best to provide users with targeted recommendations based on their viewing habits, but even a few suggestions can't keep pace with the deluge of content that joins Netflix's content catalog each and every month.

So yeah, change might be scary but this one is definitely for the better.

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