Notorious killer Redoine Faid escapes French jail by helicopter

Interpol put Faid on thir most wanted list after he escaped from prison in 2013

Interpol put Faid on thir most wanted list after he escaped from prison in 2013

Heavily armed men landed a helicopter in a prison courtyard, used a grinding machine to break open the door of the visiting room where Faid was seeing his brother, and escorted the prisoner to freedom.

Faid, who has said he was inspired by U.S. films such as "Scarface" and "Heat", was serving 25 years in Reau prison for his part in a botched robbery of a cash-transport van near Paris in 2010, which he masterminded and in which a 26-year-old policewoman was killed.

Faid was freed in 2009 after serving 10 years in prison and at the time he swore he had turned his life around. In 2013, he took four prison guards hostage, then used dynamite to blasted his way out, fleeing in a waiting getaway auto, only to be recaptured six weeks later.

He was recaptured six weeks later at a hotel on the outskirts of Paris.

But he was suspected of masterminding an attempted armed robbery in 2010 that led to a high-speed chase and a shootout with police in which 26-year-old policewoman Aurelie Fouquet was killed. The helicopter pilot was released without injury, and the crew moved to a vehicle, which was then abandoned in a shopping centre auto park, where they transferred to a white van bearing the company name "Enedis" on the side.

A well-known French criminal has escaped from prison by helicopter, the country's prison authority has said.

The men, according to Dailymail, used smoke bombs and angle grinders on the wardens to aide their escape.

Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet told Europe 1 radio that she had sent a team of inspectors to the prison "to see whether the security measures were defective so that we can rectify them". Faïd said he was inspired by American films such as Scarface and Heat.

Faid took his inspiration, and modus operandi, from American gangster movies.

French police found the chopper about 40 miles away, torched near a local highway.

A prison guard union member had said the helicopter landed in the only area of Reau Prison that did not have anti-helicopter protections.

Once they had their man in the helicopter they flew it right across the city of Paris before abandoning it near to the Charles de Gaulle Airport in the north east of the city.

Almost 3,000 French police have been recruited to search for the criminal, who had escaped prison once before.

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