Pompeo says strict sanctions enforcement key to N. Korea nuke issue

Pompeo says strict sanctions enforcement key to N. Korea nuke issue

Pompeo says strict sanctions enforcement key to N. Korea nuke issue

Citing a confidential USA report to the UN sanctions committee, the AFP reported last week that the United States asked the UN Security Council to impose an immediate stop to all shipments of refined oil products to North Korea, after finding that Kim Jong-un's regime had vastly exceeded the UN-restricted quota for oil product imports.

The U.S.is calling for a halt on all oil shipments to North Korea, but China and Russian Federation appear to be pushing back. Haley asked. "They claim they need more information".

"So what do we need to see?" North Korea committed to work towards denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula in return for security guarantees from the United States. Haley added that the US has "photographs of proof" of those transfers and that they continue to happen. "However, there is an investigation now underway to obtain such reasonable evidence", in the case of the two vessels suspected of carrying North Korean coal via Russian Federation. But "it will take full enforcement of sanctions for us to get there" as well as Kim following through "on his personal commitments" to Trump.

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North Korea's real annual gross domestic product had dropped by 3.5 percent in 2017, the South Korean central bank said in a statement.

The Security Council agreement led China, North Korea's largest trade partner, to ban imports of key goods from the country including iron and lead. The sanctions committee has what it needs.

Both Trump and his secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, have been urging patience since Trump held an historic summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore last month.

But Pompeo told reporters "the scope and scale" of denuclearization "is agreed to" and "the North Koreans understand what that means".

After the talks with the rogue nation, Mr. Trump famously tweeted that there was "no longer a nuclear threat from North Korea".

Last Friday South Korean President Moon Jae-in urged both sides to try harder to achieve a breakthrough in talks, warning they would "face the stern judgment of the worldwide community" if their promises in Singapore were not kept.

The ministry previously announced on Wednesday that it has taken measures to detain three ships that entered South Korean ports in violation of sanctions: the Lighthouse Winmore and the Koti, for their involvement in ship-to-ship transfers to North Korea-flagged vessels, and the Talent Ace, involved in the transport of coal originating from North Korea.

"We know, and we have the capability to know, what they're doing, and we're going to make sure we do it right", he said.

Pyongyang has frequently expressed concern that without a nuclear deterrent it could face attempted regime change or other military action by the United States, particularly while the two countries are technically at war.

As for the broader worldwide community, she said, "we ask you to hold tight as we go forward". She referred to a USA attempt Thursday to bring a complaint before the United Nations to discipline North Korea for its smuggling. "Russians have done many things to enforce the sanctions and we deeply appreciate that", the U.S. state secretary added.

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