Sacha Baron Cohen Trolls Donald Trump, Seemingly Teases New Project

Wednesday, around the time I started realizing I was a bit too smacked off tequila to properly explain why I suddenly wanted to listen to Fastball's 1998 bop "The Way" on repeat, Cohen tweeted out a video teasing some sort of Trump-related mockery he's been working on. The video was a recording of Mr. Trump slamming Cohen years ago, calling him a "third-rate character" who deserved to be punched.

The video features superimposed text that reads, regarding Cohen, "He's back as you've never seen him before".

Baron Cohen is now shooting the Netflix series The Spy, where he plays real-life agent Eli Cohen, a spy for Israel in Syria in the early 1960s. Trump was one of many people who was bamboozled by one of Baron Cohen's personas, when he was interviewed by Baron Cohen's "Ali G" in 2003 as part of his parody TV show.

Even The Dictator, one of Cohen's worst projects to date, took a political stance, giving an analysis of America's dealings with the political turmoil of the Middle East. 'He ought to be fired immediately'. "Learn about being amusing", Trump continues. While it's possible that his tweet was merely a joke, it was set up like a teaser trailer, which leads viewers to believe that this will indeed be his next project.

"You don't know s-t", Trump adds.

Titles then reveal "Sacha graduates... soon", before a logo from Trump's long-defunct Trump University is shown on screen.

Of the celebrities that have verbally opposed Donald Trump as President, Sacha Baron Cohen is arguably among the loudest. Later, the president boasted, "I never fall for scams". In the run up to the 2016 election, Cohen shot a sequence for The Brothers Grimsby involving then candidate Trump contracting HIV.

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