Samsung phones are randomly sending photos to contacts

Samsung has acknowledged the issue in a statement released to United States outlets such as The Washington Post: "We are aware of the reports regarding this matter and our technical teams are looking into it".

In another potentially embarrassing case, a Samsung Note 8 user reported that his scheduled text messages had been sent to the wrong recipients.

Samsung phones seem to be trying to take over the world, messaging random users' contacts and sending them messages and photos.

That's because posters to Reddit and the Samsung forums say Samsung Messages is malfunctioning.

According to reports, a small group of people with Samsung cells have stated that their phones have randomly sent images in their galleries to numbers in their contacts. The mostly likely cause for the problem is a recent update to Samsung Messages, the default texting app for Samsung phones. So for Samsung Galaxy users, this means that the best way to now get around the bug is to avoid Samsung Messages entirely or revoke its permission to access your photo gallery.

So far, some of the affected users have pointed fingers to a recent T-Mobile update that including advanced texting features, like read receipts and an indicator that shows when the contact you're messaging is typing. Until then, there are two easy fixes for the concerned users: 1.

Samsung is said to be aware of the complaints, which surfaced last week, and is investigating. "However, there was record of it [in my] T-Mobile logs".

Samsung and T-Mobile didn't immediately reply to CNET's requests for comment. This may be a pain, however, because it means if you do want to send photos or files through the app, you need to restore permission in settings again.

There are now two fixes if you are anxious about the issue affecting your device.

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