Small plane crashes in Mumbai, kills five

How a Chartered Plane Crashed in Suburban Mumbai

Small plane crashes in Mumbai, kills five

New Delhi Television reported that the plane had engine trouble and the pilot had requested an emergency landing at the main Mumbai airport. Officials said that test flights are preferably allotted to fly over sea as there is less air traffic. He said test flights shouldn't be carried out in poor weather.

Pilot Maria Kuber's husband Prabhat Kathuria said his wife had mentioned to him that weather conditions were not conducive for a test flight to be conducted for a small plane like Beechcraft King Air C90 aircraft.

The aircraft was formally owned by Uttar Pradesh government, however, the government later sold it to a private caretaking company. The aviation regulator has also ordered an in-depth audit of Indamer, a maintenance, fix and overhaul firm for business jets that had repaired the plane.

UY Aviation is extending its full co-operation to all the regulatory and law enforcement agencies involved in the aftermath of the tragic crash and it is "committed to extending all possible help and assistance to the bereaved families of the victims during this time of grief and loss". Prior to that, Mariya worked with an aviation engineering company in 2005 as First Officer.

ANI said the chartered plane crashed near Jagruti building at Sarvodaya Nagar in Ghatkopar where construction work was in progress. In his email shot to various authorities in MCA, after the Ghatkopar crash, Shenoy claimed that the tragic incident could have been averted if the concerned officials had strictly adhered to air regulations. "We need to make a few more trips to the site before concluding the search". Videos showing thick smoke rising from the spot where the plane crashed, huge flames licking away the mangled remains of the aircraft and the tree which collapsed due the effect were recorded and uploaded on social media. "Considering it crashed with such force, we were lucky nothing else came in the way". Most of the evidence required from the flight were collected by the DGCA on Thursday.

The chartered plane was crashed today in Mumbai's Ghatkopar. "Considering that they lost touch with the ATC team, a power outage could have caused the crash".

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