Suspects Pummel 92-Year-Old Man with Brick in Southern Los Angeles

A brick

A brick

Following the assault, he was left bloodied and unable to walk with bruised ribs, a broken cheekbone, a battered face and head injuries.

According to the family members, Rodolfo Rodriguez was walking through his neighborhood around 8pm when he accidentally bumped into a young girl as he was trying to get around her, the Sacramento Bee reports.

LASD tells FOX 11 they are investigating this case and they believe Rodriguez was attacked from behind.

Borjas instead called 911 and took a picture of the woman, which she shared with police and put on social media.

He had traveled from Michoacan, Mexico, to visit his family in Willowbrook, an unincorporated area in Los Angeles County, his grandson Erik Mendoza said. However, she said the group soon turned on her. The drive had raised more than $25,000 of its original $15,000 goal by Sunday morning. After she asked the woman why they were attacking Rodriguez, the witness said the mother claimed that he had tried to "touch [her] girl".

"We are concerned, especially with the type of crime they committed", Deputy D'Angelo Robinson told the station. A video was taken by a witness showing a woman who appears to be African American with a brick in her hand.

RT oborraez: 92 year old Rodolfo Rodriguez was beaten with a "brick or concrete object than kicked while he was down" according to LASDespanol detectives.

"And then when one of the witnesses comes out of her vehicle and starts screaming at her, four other guys come in and start kicking on him", Mendoza told KTLA. Police say a number of men joined in the altercation a short time later and inflicted multiple injuries on the elder victim. "He's 92 years of age".

Investigators said the woman and several men began attacking Rodriguez with the piece of concrete.

"I tried to help him, but the lady said, 'If you come over here I'll hit your auto with the same brick, ' " recounted Borjas, who had attempted to pull over and rescue Rodriguez. "She see me in my vehicle and walking to me and she told me, 'Oh, what are you doing?"

Rodriguez's family created a GoFundMe page to raise money for his medical expenses. There are no current leads on the three or four male suspects who beat Rodriguez.

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